What Do Your Employees Want In Their Health Insurance Policy?

May 6, 2020

Working in a firm and making it a healthy environment comes with being able to fulfill the needs of the employees. With their immense dedication put forth in the company, they should be benefited with the help of providing them health insurance, as a step to welcome them to your company.

Taking a step to provide the health insurance to the employees would give making your organization a healthy environment to begin working in. Securing the health of the employees would be like a great initiative taken by the company to ensure their immense dedication in the work, as well as having the employees’ health in check. If you’re an employer looking forward to retaining the employees and also try widening the talent pool, the best way to reach out is to provide health insurance. In the UAE, as per the DHA, it is mandatory to provide health insurance to all the employees that work in their company. And it has its own benefits too, by being able to work towards providing employee satisfaction. One of the main duties of HR Management in your organization is to cater to the needs of the employees and to look forward to providing certain benefits to them. Although paying them their salary by the end of every month along with incentives when needed, or providing them a good working environment, securing their health by providing great health benefits also helps in increasing employee satisfaction. It is the duty of the HR management to shortlist the benefits the employees would want in their health insurance package.

Let us go through some of the benefits which the employees look forward to in their health insurance policy:

Specialty Coverage

We all know for a fact that when employees are healthy and fit, it eventually ends up making the workplace productive too. This has been proven as well. As mentioned earlier, while considering the benefits which are to be added in the health insurance, the most desirable specialty coverage would be the dental and optical insurance. Employees look forward to having policies that usually goes beyond the standard medical coverages. Consider including these benefits in your health insurance policy, so that it can help in improving the morale of your employees.

Network Coverage

Health insurance premiums vary based on the network. Using an expensive network will cost twice as much even when it’s of the same policy with a regular network. It would be a big task to cater to each employees’ specific needs as each of them will have different benefit needs. But when you end up choosing a health insurance plan that can provide wider network coverage, then this will mean that the employees can make use of direct billing at several clinics and hospitals.

Conduct Wellness Programs

Although the company provides employees with basic health insurance, this won’t seem enough for them. To ensure employee satisfaction, you can consider conducting wellness programs in the office and provide them with preventative care at a low cost. This would be a great initiative taken to encourage the employees to monitor their health regularly and also to get check-ups done once in a while. Such wellness programs will help in motivating your employees to lead a healthy life thus increasing productivity at your workplace.

You shouldn’t let money come in between providing certain benefits in your employees’ health insurance plan. Once you design the most beneficial health insurance plan for your employees, it not only helps in retaining them but also in building a healthier workplace.