Total HR Outsourcing vs. Selective HR Outsourcing: Breaking Down The Differences

July 28, 2023

Two separate methods exist for distributing HR responsibilities inside an organization: total HR outsourcing and selective HR outsourcing. Let’s compare and contrast the two to see what sets them apart.

Total HR Outsourcing

When an organization outsources all of its human resources operations to a third party, the practice is known as total HR outsourcing, comprehensive HR outsourcing, or complete HR outsourcing. In this model, the HR service provider is responsible for all HR functions, including payroll, benefits, recruiting, training, performance evaluation, and legal and regulatory compliance. The external supplier essentially takes the place of the company’s HR division, doing all HR-related duties.

Benefits of Total HR Outsourcing

  • Benefits of Experienced HR Experts: Organizations may benefit from the experience and insight of HR experts who have handled a wide range of HR management tasks in the past.

  • Cost Savings through Total HR Outsourcing: Total HR outsourcing may save expenses as compared to keeping an HR department in-house due to the fact that it avoids buying and maintaining expensive HR-specific infrastructure and software.

  • Increased Focus on Core Operations: Outsourcing HR allows businesses to devote more time and energy to their core operations by reducing the number of administrative chores in-house HR departments must do.

  • Seamless Integration for Growing Businesses: With the right people, processes, and strategies, external HR service providers can manage HR for growing businesses without disrupting operations.

Selective HR Outsourcing

The term "selective HR outsourcing" refers to the practice of outsourcing just some HR-related jobs or operations while keeping the bulk of HR management in-house. Companies may handle certain human resources tasks in-house while outsourcing others, such as payroll processing, benefits administration, or even recruiting.

More and more businesses are choosing HR platforms in UAE as a centralized hub for managing employee information, productivity, and morale.

Benefits of Selective HR Outsourcing

  • Flexibility: Organisations can selectively outsource specific HR functions based on their needs and priorities while maintaining control over other functions

  • Cost Control: Selective HR outsourcing allows organisations to allocate resources and budgets specifically to the outsourced functions, optimizing cost control

  • Focus on Core Competencies: By outsourcing certain HR functions, organisations can focus on their core competencies and strategic initiatives without being burdened by administrative tasks

  • Specialised Expertise: External HR service providers bring specialised expertise to the outsourced functions, ensuring efficient and effective management of those tasks

  • Improved Efficiency: Selective HR outsourcing can lead to improved efficiency and accuracy in the outsourced functions through the use of advanced technology and streamlined processes.


The choice between total and selective HR outsourcing must be made in light of the unique requirements, resources, and goals of the business. The flexibility and control afforded by selective HR outsourcing makes it attractive to certain businesses that don’t need the full complement of assistance and experience given by complete HR outsourcing.

As a result of developments in HR technology, organizations today have convenient access to a wide variety of HR systems in Dubai with which to efficiently manage their human resources. Features like payroll, analytics, and personnel acquisition are all part of these systems. Consider considerations like as scalability, user friendliness, compliance, and customer support when deciding on a human resources management system. Check out several solutions, ask for demonstrations, and choose one that works for your business.