The Relevance Of Candidate Assessment In The Hiring Process

October 21, 2022

The logistics associated with hiring and recruiting to weed out the best talent in an increasingly competitive labour market make it an expensive HR function for organisations. It has been found that, on average, it costs $4000to fill a position within 42 days. The cost and time taken vary depending on the job role and the nature of the business. In such an expensive context, the end goal of any hiring process is to have a lower employee turnover rate and a high ROI on recruitment.

However, studies have shown that 78% of resumes contain misleading information and statements; even worse, 46% contain outright lies. These drawbacks in a traditional recruiting process based on screening cvs or conducting short general interviews result in a higher hiring failure rate. This is where the relevance of candidate assessment in the hiring process comes into play. Here is how conducting pre-employment assessments can contribute to better employee selections.

Gives Bad Interviewees An Opportunity To Showcase Their Talent

A bad interviewee doesn’t necessarily mean a candidate without talent. The truth is that answering interview questions is a skill a candidate can gradually develop. There are instances where some applicants get overwhelmed by fear during interviews and often let their nerves get the better of them.

Using assessments allows such candidates to shine, showcase their skills, and impress the employer. It will enable them to properly present their experience and exposure to the industry, even if they couldn’t perform better in the interview.

Pre-employment assessments provide employers with unbiased views, as they are conducted using a standardised list of questions. In addition, it gives a great way to ensure all the candidates get an equal playing field that has no room for interpretations like in interviews.

Gives A Better Understanding Of Job Fit And Skills

Using appropriate HR systems, candidate assessments can be designed to extract valuable performance indicators on whether or not someone is qualified for a job role. It gives a better picture of how competent a candidate is.

On the flip side, these assessments also provide the candidate with an outlook on the job’s tasks and what they are expected to do. So even if a candidate passes the selection process, it gives them time to decide if they can sustain themselves in the job role or if the position is suitable for them and their future career goals.

Gives An Inside Look Into A Candidate’s Pace Of Work

Nowadays, most job roles require a certain pace of work to meet deadlines, and assessments can be a great way to evaluate these time-management skills. Using proper ats screening software, it is possible to determine how quickly a candidate can turn around a task. It gives great insights into how a candidate can work under pressure and handle tasks accordingly. This evaluation can greatly value a company’s hiring process if most job roles are associated with critical deadlines.

Gives An Accurate Measurement Of Creativity

Creativity cannot be measured using CV screening or interviews; it needs to be measured through real tasks. Designing creative assessments, sign quality or other benchmarks allows employers to easily see how a potential candidate can bring a project or task to life. Concepts like psychometric testing are becoming a go-to- assessment method to accurately measure creativity by evaluating a candidate’s thinking patterns, behaviours, and attitudes.

With the right use of an HR platform that can facilitate an efficient, accurate, and streamlined assessment process, hiring managers can make difficult selection decisions with the best information available.