Board Of Directors & Team

Founded in 2018 in Dubai by a group of investors and led by British entrepreneur Mark JP Nutter, Emirates HR software has been developed by an award-winning team of expert developers, product designers and human resources professionals from across the globe.

Mark JP Nutter

Chairman and Founder

I have been working in the FinTech industry for over 20 years and sold my last company, to Capita PLC in 2015. In 2016, I invested in a Dubai-based Insurance company. Following this, I saw the need for intuitive HR software designed to meet the specific requirements and working practices of the region. Emirates HR is a project I am truly passionate about, being able to solve and address...

Our Team

Sean Burgess


Lynne Alexander


Richard Fennell

Head Of Development

Lee Bowen

Sales Director

Alana Guymer

Marketing & PR Manager

Boyd Edmondson

Head of the Corporate Insurance

Hein Teichert

Head of Legal & Compliance


Matthew Hurn

Mark Donovan

John Gely

Marc Beattie

Timothy Murray-Brown

Paul Donovan