How HR Software Can Support Positive Staff Wellbeing

HR Platform In UAE

April 24, 2022

With the recent covid outbreak the importance of staff-well being is emphasized now more than ever. Thankfully the advancement of HR systems has effectively facilitated organizations in coping with this unprecedented situation safely with the new normal of “remote working”.  Among these rising trends, HR software has played a key role in supporting positive staff well-being in the following ways. 

Flexible Working 

HR software has widened the prospect of flexible work policies in many different ways. Flexible working is one of the key criteria employees look for when joining a company and believe it is something that directly contributes to their work-life balance and hence, their well-being. Potential candidates from the millennial demographic  have said that they don’t mind lower salary  as long as they are offered flexible working practices. 

HR software allows employees to do work with just one-click remote access to everything from emailing, holding conference calls, and accessing servers. This proves to have a tremendous impact on cultivating positive employee well-being within an organization. 

Easy Access To Benefits 

Although many companies have different wellness programs and benefits aimed at their workforce, most of them are under-utilized because of a lack of awareness or accessibility issues. Sometimes the procedures to get these wellness related benefits approved or claimed can be tedious with paperwork, making it rather complex for employees to use them. This not only refrains employees from using these benefits but also creates a feeling of frustration with the company. 

The use of HR management software for managing these wellness programs and related benefits allows companies to simplify the entire process of accessing up-to-date information and claiming benefits. To be more precise, with the right HR software employees can process and claim their benefits in  a matter of a few clicks with the least manual intervention or paperwork needed. The streamlined process makes it convenient for employees to manage their wellness benefits and at the same time promotes a sense of satisfaction within the workplace, adding to their well-being. 

Use Of HR Analytics 

If there is one thing that HR software proves extremely beneficial in the field of HR, it has to be its analytical ability.  HR analytics is the use of people data in analytical processes to solve manpower problems. It is the way of collecting a bunch of information, and converting it into a report which everyone understands. One of the main intentions of using HR analytics is to improve employee performance and satisfaction, which is also related to well-being. 

With the right analytics, HR managers can gain insights to valuable information relating to staff well being such as rate of absenteeism, reasons for absenteeism, engagement or productivity scores, happiness index, etc. Additionally it is also possible to track employee turnover rates, probation period success rate, and training success rate that can give certain underlying information on how employees feel at a company and their well-being.  

All this data gathered from a relevant HR platform can then be used to comprehensively analyze factors that can be influencing employee well being negatively. This in turn allows HR managers to to drive a more informed decision-making process which actually makes a positive impact on staff-wellbeing, and not merely based on decisions that are  intervened by biased views or unreliable interpretations.