Group Health Insurance: Why Even A Small Business Requires It

May 6, 2020

Following an organised system and policy to ensure the growth of a small business will help your employees to boost productivity. And even though the employees strive towards flourishing and growing the business efficiently, the employers should understand and cater to the basic necessities of their employees.

Ever since the UAE labour laws made health insurance mandatory for all employees, it raised questions among small businesses as to how it benefits them. But this law is indeed a great way to protect your employees as well as your business, by safeguarding the health of the employees, therefore increasing their work-efficiency. Extending health care and protection for your employees can benefit you in great ways in the future. When health insurance is set up for the employees, it shows that you care about their well-being. A group insurance is comparatively a lot better than investing in separate health insurance for each individual. There are a lot of reasons why a business that is either small or big requires a group health insurance policy. Let us go through some of them:

Sticking To The UAE Labour Law

Since UAE has passed this labour law, it has worked in favour of employees, as all the private businesses and companies were obliged to make this possible for their employees. But it hasn’t necessarily become a drastic loss for the businesses as many insurance companies have modified their group insurance packages by making it affordable for the companies as well. So this becomes a reason as to why a group health insurance is necessary to be an added provision and something that your employee is entitled to. We have a lot of experienced consultants who can help you in this area as to which insurance package you can consider for your business.


Insurance companies have made it easier for most companies and business by making a lot of changes to their plans and packages, especially in the costs and the benefits. And with this, the employees, as well as the employers, will benefit in different ways. By being able to provide health insurance to the employees, they will repay you in the manner of dedication and commitment towards their work. And this also comes with the added advantage of securing the healthy life of the employees. Setting up individual insurances may come up to a huge sum and so it works best if the employer invests in group health insurance which is extremely cost-efficient. You can look for the best health insurance options that will help in benefiting the employee and his family as well.

Employee Satisfaction

Employees play a vital role by providing their sweat and dedication to the betterment of the organisation. But in order to implement the action plans of a business, employers should ensure that each and every employee is being benefited for their working period in the company. By offering a group health insurance to the employees, you can expect the better implementation of their skills and expertise that can improve the business’s motive. If an employee is satisfied healthwise, then it’ll automatically reflect on their performance as the sick leave days will gradually reduce because of regular checkups that fall under the benefits of health insurance. And if they don’t have steady health insurance, they’ll be worried about getting one because of the tiring process and the procedures they have to go through in order to get one. So, if the employer does his part by providing health insurance for their employees, it’ll make things easier and thus keep your employees happy and worry-free.

The points listed above are the most beneficial reasons as to why a business needs group health insurance. If you’re looking for information on medical or life insurance options to provide for your employees, get in touch with our experts who can assist you better.