Organizational Charts


An innovative tool for visualizing, planning, and deploying organizations through an active organization chart. Changes made to the chart are reflected in the organization structure and are immediately communicated through all parts of the EmiratesHR solution. The prime tool for managing the demands of a changing organization.

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Dynamic Organization Charts

A central location, not only for visualizing the current structure of your organization, but also for planning and implementing new organizations, whether it was a simple movement of a manager, to the establishment of an entire new business.

End User Features

The moment you open the chart for the first time, you will see the current relationships throughout the organization. It will even identify defects and omissions within your organizational information. Simply create multiple future organization charts and activate them by effective date or manually. Updates from existing organization will propagate where possible to future org charts.


Organizational Charts are workflow enabled, meaning you can have the system notify all affected individuals of the changes, and send company-wide notices, via email, web notifications or the new community dashboard.

Multiple Organisation Units

Access predefined organizational unit types, business, division, department, branch, team and partners. Rename or add your own organisational units with the inbuilt list editor. Saved reports will reflect the data at the time of the report and may be used for compliance or auditing purposes.

Customise your Organization

Customise with your company logo, locations, contact lists, rich text and descriptions. These can be used in reports, mini web-sites and in other modules such as Time and Attendance, Payroll, Performance. For example, add a different logo to the payslips from each of your Organisational Units.

Still Have Questions?

We’ve Got Answers.

How long will implementation take?

Implementation time depends on the size and complexity of the business, on average it takes between 4-12 weeks.

Can I use EmiratesHR in additional countries/regions for other sites/offices?

Yes, many of our clients have a global workforce. Our cloud-based software offers the ability to work anytime, anywhere around the world.

Can I integrate EmiratesHR with other applications?

EmiratesHR works seamlessly with the tools you already love. We have integrated with many 3rd party software/applications from payroll, accounting & finance to bi-tools.

What support does EmiratesHR provide?

We know the most successful businesses are the ones who go above and beyond to ensure their clients are happy, which is exactly why we pride ourselves on providing the best client service. Our in-house, Dubai-based development team can scope, deliver and support any custom or bespoke integration requirements.