Consolidate & automate time-off requests. Quickly review and approve real-time leave requests, allocate accruals, carry-overs, and banked time integrating seamlessly with your companies’ leave policies directly from the desktop or on the go in the app.

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Integrate Company
Leave Policies

Integrate your companies multiple leave policies configured for different types, grades, or location of employees. Regional labor law calculations can also be configured within each leave policy for satellite offices.

Annual Leave

Accrual calculations are configured, automatically calculating the employees’ leave balance. Accruals can be calculated on a weekly or monthly basis with the option to add unpaid leave and more.

Allocate Multiple Leave Approvers

EmiratesHR provides a flexible multilevel approval process, which can reflect your companies structure. Setup multiple, primary, and secondary leave approval levels with configurable approval chains.

Leave approvers will be notified via push notifications when an employee has made a leave request with the ability to approve the request directly from email or approve within the Manager’s tasks inbox on the web portal.

Business Travel

Employees can self-service, submitting a business travel request from the web portal or mobile app with the option to add an agenda and detail what they will be doing or what clients they are visiting during their trip. Upload supporting documents to requests such as ticket information.

Per diem expense calculations can also be configured based on zones and regions with the ability to custom set exchange rates. Any requests are then passed through approval chains.

Upload Supporting Documents

Approve and upload supporting documentation in line with any return to work policies, i.e. after 2 days of sickness, a medical note is mandatory.

Still Have Questions?

We’ve Got Answers.

How long will implementation take?

Implementation time depends on the size and complexity of the business, on average it takes between 4-12 weeks.

Can I use EmiratesHR in additional countries/regions for other sites/offices?

Yes, many of our clients have a global workforce. Our cloud-based software offers the ability to work anytime, anywhere around the world.

Can I integrate EmiratesHR with other applications?

EmiratesHR works seamlessly with the tools you already love. We have integrated with many 3rd party software/applications from payroll, accounting & finance to bi-tools.

What support does EmiratesHR provide?

We know the most successful businesses are the ones who go above and beyond to ensure their clients are happy, which is exactly why we pride ourselves on providing the best client service. Our in-house, Dubai-based development team can scope, deliver and support any custom or bespoke integration requirements.