Human Resources Services

The Human Resources function plays an integral role in facilitating business
achievements, regardless of the size of the business. Hence, ensuring that you have
the right model in place for your Human Resources requirements is of fundamental
importance. This is where the outsourced approach might be fit for purpose.

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Human Resources Retained Services

Plan A

1-10 Employees

3,500 AED

Plan B

11-25 Employees

4,500 AED

Plan C

26-50 Employees

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Plan D

51+ Employees

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Services include:

  • Core Human Resources Administration
  • Payroll Processing
  • Document Management
  • On-boarding
  • Off-boarding
  • Audit and update Employee Handbook
  • Amend and update template documents
  • Medical Insurance Administration
  • Human Resources Advice

Additional Services (Separate Rates Apply)

  • Training

  • Compensation

  • Coaching &

  • Team

  • Policy

  • Employee
    Retention Initiatives

  • Organisational

  • Recruitment

  • Performance
    Management Design

  • Performance

  • Employee
    Survey & Report

A Comprehensive Approach To Human Resources Services

HRO’s adaptability enables the business to customize the kind of strategic support and choose key areas of HR management necessary for its specific needs. These features include but are not limited to:

  • Implementation and ongoing management of EmiratesHR Management Platform.
  • Project Human Resources for time-bound engagements.
  • Manpower provision, on-boarding, off-boarding and payroll.
  • Human Resources set-up including documentation and policy development.
  • Human Resources advice as and when required.
  • Human Resources operational support.
  • Human Resources Strategy Development.
  • Interim support e.g. recruitment, maternity, restructuring.


Pay only for what your business exactly needs, no more unnecessary expenses.

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Effectively reduce any business risk by complying with employment laws & regulations.

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Quality Expertise.

Benefit from years of industry experience from our experts in Human Resource Management.

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Tailored Packages.

Get exactly what you require for your business. Flexible packages are also available.

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Customized Solutions For Modern HR Needs

Human Resource Outsourcing or HRO is an entirely customizable solution to any aspect of a business’s human resource function. Under EmiratesHR’s model, a dedicated team of Human Resources experts is designated to handle the respective facets of HR management as requested.

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