Document Management.

Eliminate administrative work, save documents and files in a single organised, accessible database.

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Document Expiry Dashboard & Notifications

View a real-time dashboard, showing your employees expiring documents. Push notifications will alert the employee and manager with expiry/renewal documents trigger points such as; 3 months, 1 month, & when expired. An employee’s dependents’ documents can also be uploaded and monitored in the same way.

Request & Generate Auto Populated Letters

Employees can request documents & letters from the business such as Salary Certificates, NOC’s, and more. These requests follow a configurable approval chain, with push notifications alerting the employer and employees at various stages of approval.

Once approved, the employer can simply generate the requested document directly from the EmiratesHR system auto-populating the employee’s details based on the letter type. Once ready, simply download or print off a hard copy.

Upload Documents

New joiners can self-service and upload any required documents, as well as existing employees that can upload replacements of expiring documents. Documents can simply be uploaded via the web portal or mobile application, following an approval process.

Our OCR technology will automatically read the document and populate the relevant fields such as name, gender, date of birth, passport, or EmiratesID numbers. If employees do not have access to the self-service options, managers can upload the documents on the employee’s behalf.

Documents Requests Dashboard

Managers can view & report on documents and letters that have previously been generated or declined for their employees during the time of employment.

General Documentation

Standardize and automate your document control process. Store an unlimited number of employee general documents such as training certificates, attested degrees, and more.

Still Have Questions?

We’ve Got Answers.

How long will implementation take?

Implementation time depends on the size and complexity of the business, on average it takes between 4-12 weeks.

Can I use EmiratesHR in additional countries/regions for other sites/offices?

Yes, many of our clients have a global workforce. Our cloud-based software offers the ability to work anytime, anywhere around the world.

Can I integrate EmiratesHR with other applications?

EmiratesHR works seamlessly with the tools you already love. We have integrated with many 3rd party software/applications from payroll, accounting & finance to bi-tools.

What support does EmiratesHR provide?

We know the most successful businesses are the ones who go above and beyond to ensure their clients are happy, which is exactly why we pride ourselves on providing the best client service. Our in-house, Dubai-based development team can scope, deliver and support any custom or bespoke integration requirements.