Application Tracking
System (ATS)

Manage the entire life-cycle of employment, starting from application through to onboarding using the EmiratesHR ATS & Recruitment module. Whether the vacancy is the result of growth or the exit of existing staff, the Applicant Tracking Software (ATS) can help you manage the process behind filling the vacancy.

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A Centralized

Create and manage requisitions, job descriptions, review candidates or even arrange for interviews through a single dashboard.

Communication with the candidate is also automatically managed by the EmiratesHR with a series of automated emails at each stage of your hiring process with the option of booking an interview and reserving a room as well as offering the role to a candidate or marking them as unsuccessful and therefore adding them to your Talent Pool to be considered for future roles.

Efficiently Manage Job
Descriptions & Requisitions

Job Descriptions on the Applicant Tracking System (ATS) are stored on the software as a library of jobs, in both an external and internal format. The platform further offers a rich text editor to help include embedded videos, images, and even links to other sites and documents.

Once prepared, the job description can be linked to the particular job requisition while taking into account the budget and headcount guidelines set forth by the business.

Constructively Develop
Screening Questionnaires

The hiring process is made efficient with screening questionnaires that are recycled for candidates applying to the same position.

Across multiple requisitions, screening questions can also be reused when stored as templates on the software system and linked to specific job requisitions. The ATS module further allows the HR team to review screening answers before deciding to move the candidate to the next stage of the hiring process.

Video Introductions,
CVs and Covering Letters

When applying for a role the candidate can record a short video introduction of themselves as well as uploading their CV and Cover Letter ready for review by the relevant Hiring Managers.

Proactively Publishing And
Interviewing Candidates

EmiratesHR’s ATS platform allows employees to view requisitions published on the internal careers site. For requisitions published to the external careers portal, a company-branded portal is made available to the HR team.

The posts can be accessed from a branded URL, or embedded in another site such as LinkedIn or GulfTalent for the organization’s benefit.

Building your Talent Pool

Unsuccessful candidates can be added to your Talent Pool and can be referenced when raising new Job Requisitions based on skills, experience and qualifications.

Any suitable candidates can then be added to the hiring process.

A Interactive Interface For All

With Job Descriptions tailored for multiple regions, countries, and locations and displayed in multiple languages where necessary, the EmiratesHR ATS software offers an interactive interface for all.

Furthermore, at each step of the recruitment process, candidates will be kept up to date with company-branded emails allowing the process to be efficient at all ends.

Optimise your recruiting processes so you can make the right hire, faster. the right hire, faster.

Still Have Questions?

We’ve Got Answers.

How do I learn if the application has been accepted through the ATS module?

Candidates may apply for positions on either the internal or external career portals where the ATS software publishes the job requisitions. Once they have applied, the hiring manager is notified, and a response is sent to the candidate to inform them that their application has been received. The system hereon notifies the applicant of each development in the recruitment process.

Will interviews be scheduled on the ATS platform too?

The hiring manager may arrange for an interview directly from the ATS dashboard once the candidate responds with a suitable time to the schedules that are sent automatically via email. You will also receive reminders for upcoming interviews via the software system.

Where is the information for the job descriptions sourced from?

Our system leverages much of the information already used within EmiratesHR, such as organizational descriptions, customized email templates, and job descriptions to cater to the newly found vaccines and positions in the client’s business.

Can company branding be integrated into the software system?

Yes, emails sent to candidates may be branded by updating the email templates in the system to then represent the client’s brand identity aptly when communicating with potential recruits.