Specialised Insurances.

We are highly experienced in designing specialized corporate insurance solutions that may be specifically required by certain industries to protect them against risks to their business. These may include coverage requirements specific to but not limited to Marine, Contracting, Aviation, Project specific, Jewelers or Fleet related risks.

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Cargo / Transit Cover

Cargo Insurance covers risk to goods in transit from the originating point of dispatch to the specified destination of the cargo consignment. The cover ensures safe transport of material from either port to port or warehouse to warehouse via either Air, Sea, Road or Rail.

Contractors All Risk

Contractors’ all risks (CAR) insurance is a policy that provides protection to contractors against any claims related to property damage and third-party injury during the course of their projects at a designated site or territory.

Aviation Cover

This Insurance policy covers comprehensive Aircraft Hull, Liability, Crew personal accident and Flight risks within all designated territories at a standard acceptable by the aviation authorities in the territory where the aircraft is registered as well as within those regions where the aircraft actively operates.

Marine Cover

This Insurance policy covers Pleasure craft, Motorboats, Jet Skis, Yacht, Sailing boats or other sea-going vessels. This includes Hull loss, damage and third party cover for private pleasure boats or for commercial vessels.

Motor Fleet

Motor Fleet policies are set up for companies with 5 or more light motor vehicles / heavy vehicles owned by them. The advantage of maintaining a fleet policy would include discounted pricing overall per vehicle, ease of processing insurance cover for new registrations and renewals of existing vehicles as well streamlined claims processing by the insurance provider.

Construction, Plant And
Machinery Cover

This is an insurance of contractors’ plant and machinery that is done on an annual basis. It covers unforeseen and sudden physical loss of or damage to specified machinery, necessitating their repair or replacement. The cover, which excludes internal breakdown, applies at work, at rest or during maintenance operations and is not limited to a specific construction site.

Jewellers Block

Jeweller’s block insurance is an all risk policy which provides comprehensive coverage tailored to jewellery shops. The coverage also protects against loss or damage to an item in the stock of retailers, manufacturers, distributors and brokers involved in precious metals/ commodities trading.

Coverage includes theft and burglary in addition to the usual risks covered such as fire. Coverage can also be acquired for when such high value items are in transit, be it from a manufacturer or in the possession of a sales representative and whether it is an individual item or an entire collection.

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