Commercial Insurances.

We offer a wide range of insurance packages to ensure that our corporate clients are covered for all their business insurance needs that may be required either legally or for them to conduct their commercial activities. We review each client’s specific coverage requirements to ensure that they have effective and competitive solutions in place for their business.

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General Third Party Liability

This Policy provides Coverage within a specified premises or location for any sum a policyholder may be legally obliged to pay by law as a result of Physical Injury or Property Damage to third parties arising out of business activities of a company occurring during the policy duration.

Public And Product Liability

This Policy provides Coverage to indemnify against any Physical Injury or Property Damage to third parties within a defined territory arising out of the companies’ business activities or products marketed across the territory during the policy duration.

Workmen’s Compensation/
Employer Liability

This Policy provides Coverage for amounts an employer is obliged to pay Employees arising from injury or sickness resulting from their employment in accordance with the UAE Labor Law which would include Medical Expenses, Repatriation Expenses and Legal Defense costs and expenses, as a result of Injury employees.

Professional Indemnity

This Policy will indemnify a company’s legal liability in respect of Claims made against them during the policy arising out of an actual or alleged breach of professional duty committed during the conduct of their business, within the Territorial and Jurisdiction specified.

Property All Risk

This Policy indemnifies a company against the accidental loss or damage to their specified Property Insured which includes loss or damage due to Fire, Lightning, Explosions, Earthquakes, Strikes, Malicious damage, Attempted or Actual theft, Storms, Damage due to water leakage, Burst and/ or overflowing of water tanks, pipes and sprinklers, Aircraft and Vehicles.

Fire Allied Perils

This Policy provides cover for loss or damage to an Industrial property premises caused by fire or lightning.

Office Contents

This policy covers against loss or Damage to Contents within a business Premises including furnishings, fixtures, fittings, office machinery and equipment, safes, capital additions, glass, locks, samples, computers, documents, employee personal effects.

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